Let’s blast and fun with “PaLukWingDa Obstacle Challenge 2019”

Let’s blast and fun with “PaLukWingDa Obstacle Challenge 2019”

29/03/19 1:30 am

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“Our kid capabilities are far beyond our expectation.”

Only we, parents, give them a chance to let them face obstacles or new challenges in life and watch them pass through by using their own hands and feet, effort, intelligence and minds.

Once they can overcome all obstacles, they will discover how great and capable they truly are.


Palukteawda Facebook Fanpage, The Zoological Park Organization Under the Royal Patronage of H.M. The King and Khao Khaew Open Zoo Thailand, Chonburi corporate to organize “Palukwingda Obstacle Challenge 2019”  – One and only family obstacle challenge that will bring you blast of fun, run, climb, jump and crawl together with your family while you can enjoy great scenario inside open zoo in early morning.



1) Encourage all families (parents and kids) to exercise and spend times joining activities together

2) Promote unity and build strong relationships among family members

3) Initiate one of annual family activities for Palukteawda and online community.


A portion of application fee to be donated to Khao Khaew Open Zoo for feeding and caring animals.


Sample Obstacle courses

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Date & Venue

Time: May 26, 2019

Venue: Wide Life Wonderland zone, Khao Khaew Open Zoo

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Obstacle Race

Little Monkey  route 2.5 KM + 9 Obstacle courses

for kid ages 3 – 6 years old (born during May 2012 – May 2015) Parents are required to accompany your kid, maximum 2 kids per one adult.

  • Price: 1,200 Baht / person   Early Bird: 1,000 Baht / person
  • Package: Running T-shirt, Finisher Medal, Bib, Headband, Food coupon, Zoo Lover Youth Member card (only for kid ages 3-12 years old) and Harborland discount coupons

Monkey route 3.5 KM + 13 Obstacle courses

for kid ages 7 years old up (born before May 2012) Parents are welcomed to join the race for fun^^

  • Price: 1,500 Baht / person   Early Bird: 1,200 Baht / person
  • Package: Running T-shirt, Medal, Bib, Headband, Food coupon, Zoo Lover Youth Member card (only for kid ages 3-12 years old) and Harborland discount coupons

Food coupon for parents and participants, who do not join the race, would like to have breakfast with the racer.

  • Price: 200 Baht / person

SPECIAL: Free entry at Khao Khaew Open Zoo for all racers and followers during 25 – 26 May 2019 once show e-mail (application confirmation)

final-shirt_%e0%b9%91%e0%b9%99%e0%b9%90%e0%b9%93%e0%b9%92%e0%b9%98_0015 final-medal_%e0%b9%91%e0%b9%99%e0%b9%90%e0%b9%93%e0%b9%92%e0%b9%98_0014 final-headband-all-artwork_%e0%b9%91%e0%b9%99%e0%b9%90%e0%b9%93%e0%b9%92%e0%b9%98_0013 screen-shot-price-2562-03-28-at-08-19-06


Race Condition

  • No competition or time record. No rule to play all obstacles. Kids can skip the obstacle if they feel not comfortable to play. Parents and families are encouraged to help and cheer them up to pass though their difficulties.
  • Racers are requested to stand by at block start 30 minutes before starting time. Block start is display on first alphabet of BIB. timetable will be announced later.
  • All Racers, both kids and adults, must put on bib all the race area, block start, finishing line. Parents or followers who do not join the race can stay at the main area outside the race area.
  • All racers should finish the race within 9:30 a.m. in order for the zoo to open inside traffic as usual.
  • Please prepare clothes to change after the race because some obstacles are prepared for you to get dirty and wet. There are both bathroom and changing room for serving all racers.
  • Be kind, careful and on queue during playing all obstacle courses. No attack or take over or bump each other for everyone’s safety.
  • Staffs are assigned to stay in every 100 meters of the route to take care of your safety.



Apply on website: https://race.thai.run/palukwingda

Early Bird  period; 1- 7 April 2019  9:00a.m.


Race Package Pick-up

You can choose either sending by mail or picking up at the zoo.

Pick-up place:  Tree café, near Elephant show area on Saturday 25 May (10:00 – 16:00). Be prepared to show your ID card and confirmation e-mail to claim race package.

The postal fee is 80 baht per 1 – 3 persons. (ig. You apply 4 persons at the time, postal fee will be 160 baht automatically.)


More information

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/palukteawda

Line: @palukteawda

Mail: contact.palukteawda@gmail.com


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